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Vintage Metal 1990 Khorne Berserker World Eater Space Marine

This is Jes Goodwin’s 1990 sculpt of a World Eater, which really set the mold for the aesthetic from then on. The earlier guys were much more… organic looking, and the Dave Andrews sculpts in the 1992 catalogue are more reminiscent of the earlier Rogue Trader sculpts than what came later. He appears in White […]

Wargaming Scatter Terrain Plasma Generator Paint Scheme PLAS002

This is the paint scheme I used for one of our STLs! Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black Base: Turquoise and Turquoise Blue, then sponge on Black Metal, then Thrash Metal. Liberal wash of Nuln Plasma: Art Black, then Stuart Semple’s glow in the dark pigment – in this instance pink, believe it or not. Looks pink […]

Klipper and if statements – on a Voron 2.4, but not printer specific

Learned a few new things recently with Klipper and varying things like pressure advance based on variables that the slicer passes on. This is on my Voron 2.4r2-4473. The Aussie Makerbogans discord helped out here by pointing out that Klipper is using Jinja2 – so while googling for Klipper help with if/then/else etc. didn’t turn […]