Not a review: Thoughts on Horus Heresy Legion (Book 7) by Dan Abnett

Spoilers ahead.

Well written – I enjoyed it. Dan Abnett writes some good stuff and it was certainly a bit of a rollercoaster ride not knowing what was going to happen.

Interesting that the Imperial Army in this novel use low level psykers in their ranks – while the Librarians were disbanded. I’d be curious as to the extent that psychic powers were in use in a controlled fashion, but haven’t seen a lot of writing on this outside of the Astartes. Also not sure whether the Council of Nikaea even affected anyone but Astartes.

There’s a potential reference to the deleted Space Marine legions (p.551) – “It wouldn’t be the first time a Legion Astartes has overstepped the mark” (referencing censure or dissolution). Or maybe they’re just referring to the censure of Magnus’ boys.

The Alpha Legion boys really have no qualms about destroying a lot of perfectly good Imperial troops to maintain the exclusivity of the knowledge they gain at the end of the book.

It will be interesting to see where else the Cabal fits into the Heresy from here.