Not a review: Thoughts on Titandeath (Horus Heresy Book 53) by Guy Haley

So, up to book 53 of the Horus Heresy series. Here are my post-read thoughts – not a review of Titandeath, more musings brought on by the read. Spoilers ahead.

I enjoyed reading the book – the concept of how Legio Solara came to be is a breath of fresh air in the very heavily masculine 40K universe, apart from the SoB of course but the Solara girls are a bit less over-zealous which I think makes them easier to relate to.

The descriptions of Titan battles are very reminiscent of Adeptus Titanicus games – and that’s a very good thing, as that’s quite a good game.

A Primarch vs. an Imperator Titan? Didn’t expect that…

Sanguinius feels that his anger is equal to that of Angron’s. (482)

Minor typo – 30,000m turns to 15,000km as they approach (392)

Titan classes that are new to me – Nightgaunts and Carnivores. Both are marked as middling, about Reaver sized. Rapier class titans are said to be lighter and swifter than Warhounds – presumably that makes them smaller, so below Porphyrion size. Luxor Invictoria is a Tigris pattern Warlord Titan – not familiar with that one either.

So… after reading Betrayal at Calth where a void-shielded ship is crashed into half a fleet at maximum speed (slight hyperbole but not as much as you might think) – p.226 it says that a fleck of paint holes an unshielded vessel at 40,000km/hr, and that a piece a few metres across would bring down the void shields of a capital ship. Doesn’t match up between the two books.

Worth a read – keen to see where the rest of the series takes us (apart from the obvious plot points that we already know about).