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Metal Rogue Trader Officers – Captain with Bolter and Power Sword

This guy was part number 070145/10 and was part of the three Officers set 070145/3 in Rogue Trader days. He’s a Mark Copplestone sculpt and appears in the 1989 catalogues. Unfortunately he became detached from his tab at some point. No date on the back of the tab. I had a go at a darker […]

Vintage Metal 1990 Khorne Berserker World Eater Space Marine

This is Jes Goodwin’s 1990 sculpt of a World Eater, which really set the mold for the aesthetic from then on. The earlier guys were much more… organic looking, and the Dave Andrews sculpts in the 1992 catalogue are more reminiscent of the earlier Rogue Trader sculpts than what came later. He appears in White […]