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Magnetising a Games Workshop Warhammer 30K or 40K Kratos Tank

Here are my experiments with magnetising one of the new Kratos tanks from Games Workshop for Warhammer 30K or 40K. Magnetising the dozer blade came first – I did this after assembly, though it’d be easier to do it beforehand. Taking a power drill to the built tank was somewhat hair raising – if you […]

Magnetising a plastic Games Workshop Deimos Rhino

Here is how I magnetised the new Games Workshop plastic Deimos Rhino kit so that the hatches could be interchangeable. You just need the sprues that came with it and some magnets. I used 5x1mm magnets but 4x1mm, 3x1mm or even 2x1mm would work as well – they don’t need to be strong magnets as […]

Warhammer 30K and 40K Plastic Spartan tank kit – painted Ultramarines colours

Found a Rhino crewmember for the hatch! Work in progress: Colours used: Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black Blue: Scale75 Cobalt, blended up to Primary Blue, shaded with Inktense Blue. Edge highlight of Primary Blue mixed with Art White. Recess shade of Prussian Blue. Silver: Black Metal, shaded with Nuln oil Copper: Scale75 Decayed Metal, followed by […]

Warhammer 30K and 40K Space Marines Kratos tank paint scheme for Ultramarines

That title was a mouthful. I magnetised this one as seen here. Test scheme WIP: Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black Blue: Cobalt Blue blended up to Primary Blue by hand, highlights Primary Blue then a mix of Primary Blue and Art White Pigments: Dark Mud mixed with Rough, then Dark Mud, with Mars in the recesses, […]