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Compact Dice and Token Holder for Kill Team 2021, Into The Dark etc. – Magnet Ready


This is a compact (compared to our full box including the cards!) token and dice holder for Kill Team 2021 and the following boxes with the same token setup (Into the Dark etc.). It’s magnet ready with spaces for 5x1mm magnets to help keep the lid in place if you so choose.


There are two variants – one for the 1.6mm tall cardstock of early sets and one for 1.8mm cardstock for sets like Into the Dark.


There’s also a scale finder so you can test print a small piece to see whether you like the token fit before committing the filament for a full print.


The base is 6.73cm wide, 15cm long and 5.06cm tall. The 1.8mm variant is 3mm taller. The lid prints at the same outer dimensions but is 4.93cm tall.

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