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Not a review: Thoughts on Dark Imperium by Guy Haley

Spoilers ahead. I enjoyed this novel – Guilliman’s fish-out-of-water act allows for some fascinating in-lore examination of the practices of the grimdark Imperium – he’s freaked out by cherubs amongst other things. P. 314 – what are the Irradial Whorls on the Primaris hands? P.340 – Void whales! Who’d have thought. The description of the […]

Not a review: Thoughts on Titandeath (Horus Heresy Book 53) by Guy Haley

So, up to book 53 of the Horus Heresy series. Here are my post-read thoughts – not a review of Titandeath, more musings brought on by the read. Spoilers ahead. I enjoyed reading the book – the concept of how Legio Solara came to be is a breath of fresh air in the very heavily […]