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Scale75 Color Forge Paint Set SSE-063 Review

Spanish company Scale75 have a box set called the Color Forge, which combines a number of their other paint sets into one product. Is it worth it? Let’s take a look at what’s inside. The box is a lot smaller than you would expect for the cost! The contents are listed on the back: As […]

Vallejo Game Extra Opaque Set Review – 72.290

Today I’m reviewing a set of paints from Vallejo with a difference – this is the extra opaque set, part number 72.290. It has sixteen 17ml bottles in it – the colours and individual part numbers are: 72.140 Heavy Skin Tone72.141 Heavy Red72.142 Heavy Violet72.143 Heavy Blue72.144 Heavy Blue Grey72.145 Heavy Grey72.146 Heavy Green72.147 Heavy […]