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Games Workshop Rogue Trader Space Marine Chaplain by Mark Copplestone 410604 – 1988

Here is one of the pre-Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition Space Marine Chaplains I have found. This guy is 410604 and the photos are of as I found him – not yet stripped! More photos to come once he’s stripped and then painted.

Games Workshop Imperial Assassin with Combi Weapon

This vintage Imperial Assassin with Combi Weapon from Rogue Trader came into my possession – not stripped yet, but check him out:     Check out the socks and ninja thongs!   I can’t find who designed it – the 1991 catalogue I can find this mini in just says “Designed by the Citadel Design […]

Rogue Trader Brother Angst RT01 Space Marine

In pursuit of the metal nostalgia force I’m putting together I have come across some Rogue Trader Space Marines like Brother Angst here. They’re probably a little out of the scope of that particular force but I think they might be part of the next project… Still a little bit of paint to strip on […]