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1994 Techmarine metal sculpt – vintage Space Marines – 70085/2

Another metal mini picked up for the nostalgia force – this is yet another Techmarine, which is in the mid-90s catalogues as Techmarine 2 70085/2: Still a bit of the decayed foam stuck to him and a little bit of green on his back, but on the whole he’s a good pickup for the force.

Warhammer 40K Metal Techmarine from Command Box 1998

Some oldhammer! Or is this middlehammer? I lose track. This Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Techmarine was released as part of the Company Command box set a month 3rd edition hit, apparently – which would put him at being released in late 1998. Still using the same metal backpack as the older 2nd Ed. Techmarines, his […]