Anycubic Eco resin settings

These are on a Mars 2 Pro printer with a screen protector in place. These figures are for the Anycubic Eco Pink resin.

Chitubox settings:

Bottom Layer Count: 7

Bottom Exposure Time: 32s

Wait Mode During Printing: Resting

Rest Time Before Lift: 0

Rest Time After Lift: 0

Rest Time After Retract: 0.5s

Bottom Lift Distance 7mm

Lifting Distance 6mm

Bottom Retract Distance and Retract Distance seem to be auto calculated.

Bottom Lift Speed 40mm/min

Lifting Speed: 40mm/min

Bottom Retract Speed 200mm/min

Retract Speed 200mm/min

Lychee settings:

Burn In Layers: 7

Exposure Time: 32sec

Transition Layers: 3

Light Off Delay: 7s

Lift Distance: 7mm

Lift Speed: 40mm/min

Regular layers:

Light Off Delay: 7sec

Lift Distance: 6mm

Lift Speed: 40mm/min

Retract Speed: 200mm/min

Exposure Values:

0.01mm layers: 2.1sec

0.02mm layers: 2.2sec

0.03mm layers: 2.3sec

0.05mm layers: 2.5sec


Trying 0.01mm at 2.2 sec made the supports very difficult to get off.

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