Battle Report: 2021-05-15

Today it was a Raven Guard Successor chapter vs. the Angels of Annihilation (Imperial Fists successor).

500pt game which was largely decided before the second turn of the first round. A RG smash captain and Bladeguard Veteran squad were Master of Ambushed up the board and successfully charged an Outrider squad, between the two of them taking it out and consolidating into a squad of heavy intercessors, who were forced to fall back rather than shoot in their first turn.

I think we are finding that 500pt games are sometimes easily decided like this – the Outrider squad was 30% of the total army points, and that’s a blow that would be hard to recover from (at least at our skill level…). As fun as it is to MoA a close combat squad up the board it would be a more fun game at a higher points figure, I suspect.

We’ll try 1000 pts for next time and see if we can fit it in a reasonable timeframe. Despite the game being over relatively quickly it still took 2hrs to set up, play and pack away. It would have been quicker had it not been months since we last played…

RG successor won, as you may have gathered. Terrain takeaway: Need more ruins!

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