Painting a Raven Guard Phobos Lieutenant

Painting up a sneaky beaky! Trying to mix a road base with the ash-waste style bases of some of the other Phobos RG units I have. Marble base piece: Ushabti Bone/Pallid Wych Flesh/Agrax/Terminatus/Longbeard Base ash: London Grey/Longbeard Grey Armour: Black Grey, edge highlights London Grey, drybrush Dawnstone for the dust, Light Slate Grey pigment for […]

Battle Report: Raven Guard vs. Space Wolves 2020-09-26

Played a 500pt combat patrol game today with a Raven Guard successor force vs. some Space Wolves. Nobody had a fully painted force and some of the SW were borrowed RG units, so no 10pts for either team. The game was a Combat Patrol Incisive Attack and the RG’s secondaries were Cut Off The Head, […]

9th Ed 40K Battle Report: Raven Guard vs. Chaos Space Marines

Last night saw the Raven Guard face off against Chaos in a 500pt Combat Patrol game. Raven Guard won on points, though they were certainly losing in terms of casualties. Takeaways: The new ruined walls set of six was the MVP as far as terrain goes, with just the one set making a meaningful difference […]

Battle Report: Kill Team 2020-06-29

Primaris vs. Primaris this time around! Raven Guard took on Space Wolves. Takeaways for the Space Wolves – the Easy To Build 3x Reiver + 3x Intercessor squad combo lacks punch vs. a more customised set of Primaris marines. Takeaways for the Raven Guard – Thunder Hammer + Intercessor Sergeant = very threatening. Auto Bolt […]

Paint Day 9

Shopping Cart:Warhammer 40K Space Marines Devastator SquadCitadel Shade: Athonian CamoshadeCitadel Base: Agrellan EarthCitadel Dry: Terminatus StoneCitadel Layer: Yriel YellowCitadel Technical: Spiritstone RedCitadel Shade: Agrax EarthshadeCitadel Layer: Skullcrusher BrassCitadel Decorative SkullsWarhammer: Age of Sigmar Shattered Dominion: Large Base Detail Miss Griffin assures me that all Gryph-hounds require many skulls littered around them such that they are […]

40K Raven Guard: Where are the Mor Deythan?

Gav Thorpe’s Corax anthology provides an explanation for this in the Weregeld story on p. 461:   It used to be that the Shadowmasters had hunted in squads, using their unique Corax-gifted abilities to sow discord and terror amongst their foes. Now they worked alone, their number reduced to a handful amongst all the legionaires […]

Paint Day 7.1

Turns out sand will ruin my brushes. Now that I think about it, that should have been obvious. Shopping cart so far:Citadel Mouldline Remover (maybe easier to manage for little hands?)Citadel Shade: Casandora YellowCitadel Shade: Fuegan OrangeCitadel Base: Celestra GreyCitadel Base: Thousand Sons BlueCitadel Layer: Fire Dragon BrightCitadel Layer: Stormhost SilverGundam 1/144 FG GundamVallejo 26213 […]