BrokenToad Fugazi Mark III Imitation Sable Brush Set Review

BrokenToad are a UK based company who make (amongst other things) a variety of styles of paintbrushes aimed at miniature painters. Their synthetic line is called Fugazi, and today I’m reviewing the full set of brushes from that line.

The box I have is the Mark III, as you can see from the picture. The brushes were packed well and had protective plastic sheaths to prevent the tips being damaged:

There are four brushes in the set – 2, 1, 0 and 000 (aka 3/0).

There is a brush care slip with the brushes:

In the listings online there’s also a statement about the tip curling after some use, and how to fix it by dipping it in hot water and straightening it. I’ve only been using these for a week so it’s probably early days for that to be happening, but I’ve seen no sign of it. Update: A month later, still no issues.

The brush handles have a distinct patterning which makes them easily identifiable amongst your other brushes.

So, what are they like in use?

I’m impressed by how sharp the tip is on the brushes and how well they retain that tip throughout use. Compared to the Citadel STC range I was trying out last month these brushes are night and day different – the Layer brushes don’t hold their points for nearly as long without cleaning.

I was practicing working on eye lenses and tried doing the lenses of this Questoris Knight with the #1 Fugazi and was pleased with how easy it was – I’d normally reach for my 2/0 Raphael or Winsor Newton to do so but it was no harder using the #1.

I wanted some good synthetic brushes to complement my sable brushes, which I’m not keen on using with metallic paints in an effort to extend their life and keep them pointy. So far the BrokenToad Fugazi brushes have exceeded my expectations substantially, and are very good brushes in their own right.

You should be able to grab your own set of Fugazi brushes from eBay US, eBay AU or eBay UK (affiliate links) or check out the official stockist list.

2 week update: I find that I am primarily using the 2, 1 and to some extent the 0 size – the first two especailly are nice and springy and have a consistent paint flow. The 3/0 after a few sessions has proven to be a little long and less stiff than I would prefer so it’s fallen out of favour, but the other brushes are solid and are currently my primary brushes for metallics.

1 month update: I have come to favour the 2 and 1 strongly – the 3/0 bends too easily for my liking and the 0 is much the same. The 2 and 1 are definitely my favourite synthetic brushes in those sizes and are still holding a point very nicely – they’re my go-to for metallics.

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