Always fans of a good board game our Little Griffins have developed more of an interest in painting miniatures and playing tabletop wargames. Their Dad has had a long time love of all things miniatures/40k but I have to admit that, being more of a console gamer, I’ve never really trekked that path.

Being busy with work, school, sport, music and fitting in time to eat/sleep we’ve not had much space for additional hobbies; for us or the kids but here we are in the school holidays, at what appears to be the beginning of a once in a lifetime pandemic (please, just the one will do).

We’ve been working from home and recently home schooling as well and I have to say kudos to any parents and/or guardians who do this kind of thing full-time it’s definitely an ever changing challenge. On those of use thrown into this at the last minute I know it is certainly taking it’s toll, but the overriding feeling is one of gratitude that we are all safe, well and currently still working – which makes us very lucky in the scheme of things. The only real downside seems to be that the competitive nature of our Little Griffins has been diverted into a constant battle to see who can lose the plot earliest in the day.

So we’ve started a new family tradition which, for want of a better title, shall be known as Paint Day. On my roster day each week we’ll all break through the monotony, crack out the paints, try new techniques, (badly) follow some Youtube tutorials and generally pretend that we know what we’re doing.

It’s likely to end badly.

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