Magnetising a Games Workshop Warhammer 30K or 40K Kratos Tank

Here are my experiments with magnetising one of the new Kratos tanks from Games Workshop for Warhammer 30K or 40K.

Magnetising the dozer blade came first – I did this after assembly, though it’d be easier to do it beforehand. Taking a power drill to the built tank was somewhat hair raising – if you do this be careful that the drill doesn’t bite the plastic and pull sharply into the hole. I went with 6x1mm magnets as a decent fit, and they are enough to hold the blade up:

I picked the outer aspect of each mount point on the chassis, as there was more plastic at that point on the blade mounts to drill into.

On the blade:

It doesn’t look it from the angle of the photo but the magnets are only just sitting higher than flush to ensure good contact with the other side.

Magnetised and in place:

The body guns don’t strictly need it as the guns push fit into the socket, but… well, I got a bit carried away. 5x1mm magnets – done before assembly:

More to come!

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