Metal Escher with Lasgun 1 Vintage Necromunda

This lass went by Escher with Lasgun 1 0050/1. She’s a Jes Goodwin sculpt.

Paints used:

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Pink: Scale75 Art Pastel Pink, blended up with Pro Acryl Titanium White, shaded with watered down Dark Prussian Blue, then all covered with Neon Pink
  • Blue: Dark Prussian Blue, highlighted with a mix of that, Jade Green and Titanium White. Pattern of Jade Green highlighted with a mix of that and Titanium White.
  • Skin: Pro Acryl Ivory
  • Black/white: Scale75 Art Black and Titanium White
  • Yellow: Base of Titanium White, then Golden Yellow
  • Grey on base: Scale75 Titanium Grey, highlighted with increasing amounts of Titanium White

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