Monopose 2nd. Edition Space Marine – Painted as an Ultramarine

I am painting a 2nd. Edition monopose marine for Darren Latham’s 90s Marine challenge.

Paints used so far:

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue: Scale75 Art Cobalt Blue, shaded with Permanent Orange. Highlighted with The White or Scale Artist White Ink. Further shading with Carbon Black.
  • Yellow: Kimera The White followed by Cold Yellow, shaded with a blend of Cold Yellow and Scale75 Artist Magenta SART-23. Warmed up a little with Kimera’s Warm Yellow. Highlights of White Ink then Yellow Ink SART-73.
  • Red: Kimera’s The Red mixed with Cobalt Bluegreen, followed by The Red mixed with Cold Yellow. Further layering of Toluidine Red mixed with Phthalo Green, then glazed with The Red. Highlights of Warm Yellow followed by The White.
  • Leather: Kimera Oxide Brown Light, shaded with Cobalt Blue. A confused mix of blends after that.
  • Base: Goblin Green, highlighted with a drybrush of The White, glazed with Yellow Ink, overall glaze with Goblin Green again to knock it back a little
  • Bone colour: Scale75 Off White mixed with The White. Shaded with Kimera Oxide Brown Dark. Highlight of The White.
  • Ammo: Carbon Black, highlighted with The White, wash of Yellow Ink, further wash of Chestnut Ink, highlight of The White
  • Ammo: Decayed Metal, Victorian Brass, Moonstone Alchemy then a wash of Chestnut Ink, then another highlight of Moonstone Alchemy.
  • Lenses: Spring Green, with a highlight of Yellow Ink, further highlight of White Ink, shaded with Carbon Black, highlight of The White
  • Silver: Black Metal, then Thrash Metal, then Speed Metal, then White Alchemy, then Nuln Oil Gloss, then some Carbon Black to knock back the gloss a little (no regular Nuln), then Speed Metal and White Alchemy again to bring the highlights back.

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