Paint Day 7

Today it’s been made clear to me that the bases are meant to be painted as well and for some reason this has made me infinitely sad. I could hazard a guess that the sadness is due to my lack of dedication and my feeling that I was actually close to being finished.

In fairness, all the other Griffins are thoroughly enjoying our new family hobby. I can’t imagine that I’ll be worse at basing that I am at painting, but honestly, anywhere there’s room for improvement there’s room to miss completely and be worse.

I did some reading and found some interesting how-to’s and articles about using things typically found in the home to make textures for bases and it seems that I can start with glue and sand. Hopefully, my inner arts and crafts guru will come out and I can redeem myself after my not so successful painting expedition.

We’ve been playing some Settlers of Catan and the Mini Griffs have really enjoyed that. The time taken to play the game is a slight problem for us, though, so I’m looking for some alternatives that don’t take quite as long to play.

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