Painting a C100 Chainsaw Warrior from 1987

This guy was released in 1987 with the board game of the same name, and was apparently tied into Warhammer 40K in the 1988 Rogue Trader Part One flyer. You got three for £1.95 – the Chainsaw Warrior with Reaper (heavy weapon), Chainsaw Warrior with Missile Launcher and the guy pictured above – the Chainsaw Warrior with Chainsaw and Blaster.

The guy behind the sculpt is apparently Bob Naismith – who is still sculpting miniatures to this day!

The little Griffins bought me some skin paint for Fathers Day, so I thought I’d better have a crack at a miniature with skin on it. The paints used here:

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Green base: Citadel Caliban Green

Green highlight #1: Sons of Horus Green

Green highlight #2: Orruk Flesh

Brown (Boots/gloves/shoulders/codpiece): Vallejo Game Extra Opaque Heavy Brown

Wash for that brown: Scale75 Instant Ogre Brown (1 coat overall, 2 coats in recesses)

Leather straps and holsters/pouches: Mournfang Brown

Wash for that brown: Scale75 Instant Rage Brown

Highlights for that brown: Game Extra Opaque Heavy Brown and Mournfang Brown

Metal base: Scale75 Black Metal

Metal highlight #1: Scale75 Thrash Metal

Metal highlight #2: Scale75 Heavy Metal

Metal highlight #3: Scale75 Speed Metal

Chainsword yellow: Vallejo Model Color 70.953 Flat Yellow

Chainsword black: Army Painter Matt Black

Chainsword wear marks: Black Metal/Heavy Metal inside that

Skin base: Scale75 Artist Pink Flesh

Skin highlights: Pink Flesh/Golden Flesh 50/50, straight Golden Flesh, shadow of Golden Flesh/Burnt Skin/Crimson, highlight of Light Skin, shade Burnt Skin + Moss Green 50/50, further shading Crimson/Burnt Skin then a glaze of Golden Flesh/Crimson 50/50 watered down. Final highlight Light Skin (basically followed the Scale75 instructions).

Eyes: Vallejo Model Color Flat White

Pupils: Army Painter Matt Black

Hair: Vallejo Model Color 70.862 Black Grey

Hair highlight: 50/50 Black Grey with Army Painter Matt White

Arm ammo belt (assuming that’s what they are – after consulting with Mrs. Griffin who suggested that): Scale75 Decayed Metal

Update: I spoke with the chap who designed the mini and he said they were mini grenades around the arm.

Highlight for ammo: Scale75 Victorian Brass

Bootlaces: Army Painter Matt Black

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