Painting alternate dumpsters for Crisis Protocol

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
Basecoat: Citadel Waaagh! Flesh
Corner wash: 50/50 Waagh! Flesh and Typhus Corrosion

Mud/dirt – start off with the lightest colour first, sponge or stipple on Mournfang Brown. Then repeat the process with some Rhinox Hide lower down. Drybrush Verminlord Hide to taste and edge highlight the dirty areas with Ryza Rust.

Drybrush the raised edges to simulate rubbing wear with Necron Compound, then repeat with Verminlord Hide towards the center. Repeat with Ryza Rust again.

The lid is Vallejo Model Color Grey Black with a coat of Contrast Basilicanum Grey over the top. Edge highlights on the lid were done with Mechanicus Standard Grey.

Text was done using Vallejo Model Color White Grey and the wine splatter on the back was done with Blood for the Blood God.

Vallejo Light Rust Model Wash was used to blend some of the colours together – particularly the muddy browns at the base.

The scratches were made using Waaagh! Flesh mixed with Army Painter Matt Black for the dent, then Army Painter Matt White with a little bit of Waaagh! Flesh for the highlight at the bottom.

Gritty, dirty texture on the underside of the bit that the forklift tines go through was 50/50 Waaagh! Flesh and Typhus Corrosion.

Slime on the upper right part is Nurgle’s Rot.

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