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Dice, Card and Token Holder to suit Kill Team 2021 and similar games – STL for 3D printing, magnet ready


This is a token, dice, card and tool holder to suit Kill Team’s 2021 release!


It’s magnet ready and has space for two 5x1mm magnets in both the top and bottom to help keep the lid in place.


The base is 194mm x 133mm x 68.6mm high.

The lid is 194mm x 133mm x 53.5mm high.


The overall box when assembled is just under 72mm high.


There are two variants – one for the older cardstock that’s 1.6mm high per token and one for the newer stuff (Into the Dark) which seems to be 1.8mm per token.


It comes with a token scale finder so that you can test print a small section of it to see how the size goes on your particular printer, and adjust if necessary – without wasting a whole print to discover that. The default scaling works for most printers but I have had numerous comments that anything from 97% to 103% works for different people, so it’s worth checking before printing the whole thing.


No tokens, dice, card or measuring tools are included. This is a digital download – no physical product is provided.

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