Modular Cut Stone Town Building Pack STLs for 3D Printing


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Cut Stone Town Terrain – 3D Printable STL Files


  • Scaled to suit 28mm wargames
  • No supports required!
  • Magnet-ready designs


The Stone Town Terrain Pack comes scaled to suit common 28mm systems such as Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar and the like. The walls, buildings and door feature 5mm x 1mm magnet holes on the blank or hidden faces to allow easy setup and flexible arrangement of walls and building levels.


All files have been test printed and they are designed for quick and easy printing. All pics below are actual physical prints, no renders have been used.


This pack includes:


2x intact buildings

1x ruined building

1x roof with no walls

2x roof with walls

1x intact floor

1x floor with damage

1x floor with trapdoor hole, plus trapdoor (2 files)

1x door

1x doorway step

1x stair set

1x gangway with additional fastener strips (2 files)

1x wardrobe

1x table

1x well with posts and roof (3 files)


In total there are 20 files included on top of the five from the wall pack – making the total for the town pack 25 STL files.


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