Vallum Pattern Bastion – STL for 3D printing – Modular Wargaming Terrain, Warhammer 40K 30K Etc.


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This is a 3D printable STL set for the pictured modular Vallum pattern Bastion fortification.


The round mounts take a 10mm magnet (a turret pack is planned but not yet finished) and the sides have a recess for 5mm magnets in case you want to join them that way. The two spaces on either side of the 5mm magnet holes are for dowels (file provided) to assist in either keeping the pieces together when gaming or for helping keep them in place for gluing them together. I have so far found that the dowels are more than adequate for keeping the bastion together when gaming but YMMV!


The example shown was printed in PLA at 100 micron layer height. The left/right sides can be mirrored to make a bastion with walls out either side as shown in the gallery!



Dimensions are approximately:


Left part: 101.5mm x 208.9mm x 71.8mm tall

Center part with tower: 98.8mm x 193mm x 149mm tall

Right part: 84mm x 206.9mm x 71.8mm tall

End piece: 115mm x 128.5mm x 71.8mm tall


Assembled as shown it’s 387mm wide for the narrower assembly and ~484mm wide when you put a wall on either end. It’s 209mm deep and 148mm tall. You can make them even wider:



Or without the wall:



This is a digital product and requires a 3D printer to make use of. No physical product is included. Minis are shown for scale purposes only and are not included as files.

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