Wargaming Scatter Terrain Set – Hexagonal Cargo Containers


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This is a set of wargaming terrain STLs as seen in the pic – thirteen in total before any mirroring!


The large hex containers are 50mm in diameter and stand 50mm tall. There’s a 30mm and 17mm single hex variant of those, and there is a set of three singles that are 25mm diameter and 25, 15 and 8.5mm high. The other files are varying arrangements of the large hex containers and the footprints are:


Twin: 50×86.6mm

Triple: 50x130mm

Quad: 50x173mm

2x with one off to the side: 87.5x108mm

3x with one off to the side: 125x130mm

2x with 2x off to the side: 108x125mm



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