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Stone Town Kickstarter Painting Update #4

This one was super quick: Stone: Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black Base Coat: Citadel Morghast Bone Pigment: Scale75 Soilworks Dark Earth SPG-10 That’s it. It’s a very speedy way of getting something tabletop ready in short order. The door was painted with the same colours as the gangway. Speaking of the gangway:

Stone Town Kickstarter: Painting the ruined level and accessories

Managed to get a couple of things painted today from the stone town Kickstarter – the undamaged flooring, the ruined level, the table and the wardrobe. It proved a lot easier to show what the accessories looked like on the damaged level than the solid one, so let’s just pretend someone put them there after […]

Stone Town Kickstarter: Painting the gangway

If you have been following along you’ll know we have an active Kickstarter for some cut stone terrain. The gangway is part of that set and is designed to go between two of the buildings – here’s my take on painting it: Paints used: Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black Base coat for stone ends: Morghast Bone […]

Stone Town Kickstarter: Painting the well

Today I’m looking at the well which is part of our January Kickstarter. Assembled it looks like this – I painted it in pieces, however: The paint recipe I used was this – all with a brush, no airbrush used this time around: Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black Well base coat: Zandri Dust Well recesses: Aggaros […]

Ultramarines Paint Scheme using Scale 75 Artist paints

This took me about an hour as a colour test for painting Ultramarines using the Scale 75 Artist paints. I really like the vibrancy you can get out of the colours and while it’s far from my neatest paint job I really like the overall effect. Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black Base coat: Scale75 Art Black […]

Painting a Raven Guard Leviathan Dreadnought

Take Two! Notes for those who requested, photo coming soon. Claws: Wet blending Macragge Blue/Sotek Green/Baharroth Blue Cannons: Vallejo Steel, dry Ironbreaker, dry Hexos Palesun, dry Underhive Ash, dry Kindleflame, dry Ryza Rust, dry Astorath Red, dry Naggaroth Night, dry Abaddon Black, rim highlight Ironbreaker, wash of Casandora Yellow over the yellow parts

Painting Stormcast Annihilators – Gold scheme V2

This is the third attempt at a colour scheme for a Stormcast Annihilator from the Dominion box and the second gold attempt – I think it’s much better than the first, the gold shading really made a lot of difference. Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black Metal base: Scale75 Necro Gold, Scale75 Viking Gold over that Metal […]

Painting energy effects on Warhammer 40K thunder hammers

I’m painting up some Raven Guard Primaris Intercessors squads where the sergeants have thunder hammers, and here’s the recipe I’m using to get the following look: The hammer started off being undercoated in Mecha Black and a base coat of Hashut Copper was applied. A wash of Canoptek Armourshade was next and once that dried […]

How to paint very weathered Imperial Knights or vehicles

This is my current favoured formula for very weathered/aged/battle damaged Imperial Knight miniatures. It’ll work on vehicles like tanks or armoured miniatures like Space Marines as well, but it’s probably easiest on the scale of a tank or Knight! I undercoated with Vallejo Mecha Primer in black, then base coated the silver section with Citadel […]