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Vallejo Game Extra Opaque Set Review – 72.290

Today I’m reviewing a set of paints from Vallejo with a difference – this is the extra opaque set, part number 72.290. It has sixteen 17ml bottles in it – the colours and individual part numbers are: 72.140 Heavy Skin Tone72.141 Heavy Red72.142 Heavy Violet72.143 Heavy Blue72.144 Heavy Blue Grey72.145 Heavy Grey72.146 Heavy Green72.147 Heavy […]

Raven Guard Primaris Eliminator Paint Scheme

Here’s how I paint the Raven Guard Primaris Eliminators. This is one of my early attempts at a Raven Guard paint scheme – I currently use a darker shade of grey but I like this one still. Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Primer, Black 73.642 Armour base coat: Vallejo Model Color Black Grey 70.862 Recess shading: Citadel […]