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Scale75 Artist Skin Tones Set Review SSAR-002

Today I am reviewing the Scale 75 Artist Skin Tones set, which contains six paints and as you might expect is aimed at skin tones. The set comes in a thick cardboard box. The contents are on the back: SART-07 Pink Flesh SART-08 Golden Flesh SART-09 Light Skin SART-10 Crimson SART-11 Moss Green SART-12 Burnt […]

Scale 75 Instant Colors Paint Review

Scale75’s Instant Colors came to my attention as an alternative to Citadel’s Contrast colour range or Army Painter’s Speedpaint range. How does it review? The set I got was the wooden Mimic Chest which contained the full range: It’s not terribly space or weight efficient but it does look fancy. One removable tray with half […]

Scale75 Color Forge Paint Set SSE-063 Review

Spanish company Scale75 have a box set called the Color Forge, which combines a number of their other paint sets into one product. Is it worth it? Let’s take a look at what’s inside. The box is a lot smaller than you would expect for the cost! The contents are listed on the back: As […]

Review: BrokenToad Conditioning Brush Soap

Apart from making brushes, BrokenToad also have a brush soap. Here’s my short review of it. If you’re just starting out and are wondering what on earth this is for, brush soap is essential for cleaning your brushes after use – it’ll keep the brushes usable (and useful) for far longer than if you never […]

Vallejo Game Extra Opaque Set Review – 72.290

Today I’m reviewing a set of paints from Vallejo with a difference – this is the extra opaque set, part number 72.290. It has sixteen 17ml bottles in it – the colours and individual part numbers are: 72.140 Heavy Skin Tone72.141 Heavy Red72.142 Heavy Violet72.143 Heavy Blue72.144 Heavy Blue Grey72.145 Heavy Grey72.146 Heavy Green72.147 Heavy […]

BrokenToad Fugazi Mark III Imitation Sable Brush Set Review

BrokenToad are a UK based company who make (amongst other things) a variety of styles of paintbrushes aimed at miniature painters. Their synthetic line is called Fugazi, and today I’m reviewing the full set of brushes from that line. The box I have is the Mark III, as you can see from the picture. The […]

Citadel STC Synthetic Paint Brush Review

So Citadel released their STC line of synthetic paint brushes – including detail brushes, glaze brushes, dry brushes and more – here’s my review of them. The full range consists of: Layer Small, Medium Base Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Shade Medium, Large Dry Small, Medium, Large Glaze – one size Citadel claims that they […]