Warhammer 40K Raven Guard Paint Scheme

Trying to figure out from lore what the various “correct” paint schemes have been for the Raven Guard. This will be updated as I get to painting the various models.



While the GW painted models show them as having white helmets, the stories I have read so far don’t ever mention this – and while it looks good on the models (imho) I think it flies in the face of the Raven Guard doctrine, unless you use some kind of head-canon adjustment. Perhaps the sergeants are so good at being sneaky that the white is not an impediment – would the Mor Deythan have been significantly hampered if they were parading around in white?



P.381 of Corax by Gav Thorpe one of the Horus Heresy-era Librarians is described as having a blue right pauldron, where the rest of his armour is presumably the typical Raven Guard black.

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