Battle Report: Kill Team 2020-06-29

Primaris vs. Primaris this time around! Raven Guard took on Space Wolves.

Takeaways for the Space Wolves – the Easy To Build 3x Reiver + 3x Intercessor squad combo lacks punch vs. a more customised set of Primaris marines.

Takeaways for the Raven Guard – Thunder Hammer + Intercessor Sergeant = very threatening. Auto Bolt Rifles seem to be superior to Stalker Bolt Rifles, at least in this game – the former dealt out a handful of wounds where the latter didn’t succeed in wounding once.

The Raven Guard sergeant with the Thunder Hammer took out two of the Reivers single handedly – the AP and damage of that weapon certainly makes it a threat to Primaris.

General takeaways – need to come up with some rulers and a score counter. Oh, and some tokens.

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