Holidays! Again.

As I’d expected, storage has become a problem.

Mr Griffin is printing paint holders to make the paints visible and manageable and due to the sudden influx of paints we’ve added some additional shelving. Doesn’t really take care of the Vallejo textures since they’re in 200ml tubs but we’ll have to figure out what to do with those in the near future.

Another possibly more pressing issue is dust. We don’t seem to be able to keep the miniatures dust free in any effective way. There’s a reasonable amount of construction nearby and the dust just seems to get everywhere.

Current shopping list:
Citadel Contrast: Black Templar
Citadel Layer: Fulgurite Copper
Citadel Base: Rakarth Flesh
Citadel Technical: Lahmian Medium
Citadel Technical: Stormshield

The weather is still unpleasant, the Little Griffins are working on their miniatures and generally creating havoc. Mr Griffin is adjusting the design of some paint holders to try to limit the number of Citadel paint pots that are meeting their end on the living room floor. The kids are as careful as kids can be but it would seem that creativity and chaos are still too closely intertwined.

Bunnings have some big carpet squares, perhaps this can save my sanity and carpet in one simple purchase.

Our interest in the intricacies of miniature painting has waned so we’ve moved onto so alternative painting fun!

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