9th Ed 40K Battle Report: Raven Guard vs. Chaos Space Marines

Last night saw the Raven Guard face off against Chaos in a 500pt Combat Patrol game. Raven Guard won on points, though they were certainly losing in terms of casualties.

Takeaways: The new ruined walls set of six was the MVP as far as terrain goes, with just the one set making a meaningful difference to each side of the mid-board. Tactics-wise the RG were managed horribly. The army makeup was more based around what was painted than what was effective, and it showed – a second lieutenant ended up being wasted points in this particular battle as he didn’t make a single point back for. the ~75pts expended.

The lack of AT weaponry also hurt when it came to taking out the Rhino, which Mrs. Griffin positioned inconveniently right in the face of one of the Intercessor squads. Auto bolt rifles were disappointingly ineffective against a squad of CSM in light cover (15 shots and one wound? Aaaaaa) yet the Stalker bolt rifle squad of Intercessors kept on rolling 2s to hit. Yeesh.

Terrain ideas: Need some multi-level ruined buildings to contest in the center of the battlefield. Also, I need to assemble some Eradicators/Hellblasters/Plasma Inceptors/anything that has more shots and better AP.

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