Battle Report: Raven Guard vs. Space Wolves 2020-09-26

Played a 500pt combat patrol game today with a Raven Guard successor force vs. some Space Wolves. Nobody had a fully painted force and some of the SW were borrowed RG units, so no 10pts for either team.

The game was a Combat Patrol Incisive Attack and the RG’s secondaries were Cut Off The Head, Domination and Attrition. SW chose Attrition, Engage On All Fronts and Raise The Banners High.

The RG’s Phobos Librarian warlord deployed in what looked like a vulnerable position, luring a couple of the SW units into deploying in what looked like an advantageous position. The Librarian’s Master of Ambush shenanigans proved to have fooled them, however, as he turned out to be deployed on one of the mid-board objective markers while a squad of Intercessors were placed on the other.

This board control advantage proved hard for the SW to shake, and the game went to the RG who maxed their primaries along with Domination. The SW warlord was a very lucky Battle Leader who survived being targeted by a Predator two turns running, only being taken out in the very last round and providing the RG with a measly 1pt for Cut Off The Head.

SW did well with Engage On All Fronts, almost maxxing it via use of Outriders to rapidly move up the board.

Terrain takeaways – some buildings with higher levels to get up onto that are more complex than stacks of shipping containers would be nice.

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