Battle Report: KT 2020-04-21

The Mini Griffins played Thousand Suns vs. Chaos Space Marines in a matched play mission (Recover Intelligence). As an experiment, we set up a bunch of shipping crates to make one long corridor between the deployment zones with the central objective marker inside.

The corridor proved to be hotly contested for most of the five-round battle:

The Thousand Sons Aspiring Champion got taken out in a stream of plasma early on but the generic CSM Aspiring Champion suffered a more ignominious fate, going down to a vanilla CSM in melee while succeeding in only inflicting a flesh wound on his opponent.

The more open nature of the surrounding battlefield made for less interesting gameplay, though, as it devolved into a back-and-forth of repetitive bolter fire. In the end the Thousand Sons came out on top with victory points and an equal number of casualties.

MVP went to the CSM gunner wielding a plasma gun who managed to take out the TS leader and inflict several flesh wounds to boot.

Biggest Fail went to the CSM gunner wielding a heavy bolter, who managed to fire every round of the battle and succeeded in wounding absolutely nobody.

Terrain thoughts: A 2×2 corridor with 2″ high walls on either side is not the most convenient way to play. As much as we have pined for proper walls in Necromunda or Kill Team: Arena I think that 1″ high walls may be more practical – both are probably worth trying, the claustrophobic nature of the higher walls may work well for the feel of some games.

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