Battle Report: Kill Team 2020-04-22

Today’s Kill Team showdown was between a Raven Guard Primaris force and some Chaos Space Marines. The scenario was Objective Ultima. For something different we decided to use a Chaos Berserker Dreadnought as the central objective, and four computer consoles to “control” it as the secondaries.

From the Raven Guard perspective the Reiver Sergeants are a little underwhelming – four attacks in close combat is nice, but AP0 isn’t great. The dice rolls weren’t going in the sergeant’s favour today either:

Regardless, the Primaris came out on top – the Eliminator Sergeant drew a lot of fire and managed to avoid being struck once, though he too had cursed dice rolls and failed to injure anybody through the whole battle.

Theme-wise it was a good bit of fun pitting a team of Primaris against CSM who were trying to re-activate a dormant death machine!

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