Paint Day 1

So, I may have miscalculated the financial impact that paint day would have. Miss Griffin is fixated on painting everything varying shades of pink without regard for faction or fashion and Master Griffin is keen on Space Wolves. Not much cross over here. With Mr Griffin already heavily invested in Raven Guard I feel like we’re heading down a dangerous path full of storage issues in our already cramped house.

Luckily (?) for us our local Frontline Hobbies sells an inordinately large number of paints and despite some issues with shipping from overseas (thanks COVID-19) they still seem to have most of them available. Drawn to the high fantasy elements of Age of Sigmar Miss Griffin had picked out some Gryph-hounds a few weeks ago and under her watchful eye we’ve picked out some bright pinks and blues to start her painting journey. Master Griffin has reviewed Chapter colours and is intent on reproducing them as faithfully as possible.

In the cart they go!

Note to self: Miss Griffin does not care about mould lines and will not have a bar of removing them.

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