Brother Repp with Melta Gun – Metal Rogue Trader Space Marine

This chap has 1988 on the base and is shown with part number 070106/17 in the 1991 catalogues. He’s listed as one of those sculpted by Aly Morrison and Mark Copplestone.

He seems to be named after Stafford Repp, who played Chief O’Hara in the 1960s Batman TV series.

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue and Guilloche: Scale75 Art Cobalt Blue, highlighted with Kimera The White, shaded with Carbon Black
  • Base: Scale75 Red Ochre, drybrushed with a mix of Red Ochre and Honey Moon Yellow, further drybrush with a little bit of The White mixed in
  • Meltagun: Black Metal, then Thrash Metal, then Speed Metal, then White Alchemy. Shading with Carbon Black. Heat bloom Kimera Warm Yellow, then Orange, then Toluidine Red, then Phthalo Blue Red Shade, then Violet, then Carbon Black
  • Eyes: Scale75 Art Spring Green, shaded with Carbon Black, highlighted with Cold Yellow and The White.
  • Red: The Red, then Scale75 Red Ink SART-74, then Black Ink SART-79 in the recesses, then Cold Yellow for the highlights. Some Carbon Black + The Red for shadows.
  • Yellow warning sign: The White, then Cold Yellow, with Carbon Black for the exclamation point.
  • Black: Carbon Black, highlighted with The White

The one new thing I tried this time around was doing the heat bloom on the meltagun with a brush rather than airbrush. I didn’t much care for the recessed eye lenses – they were difficult to paint and also to get light to for the photo!

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