List of metal Space Marine (and other) models – nostalgia force!

Here’s a list of the Rogue Trader/40K metal miniatures I have and am still looking for. This page is a work in progress but I’m going to try to keep it updated so I don’t double up.

  • Plain text entries are models I don’t have.
  • Entries with hyperlinks are models I have and have photos of.
  • Hyperlinks in bold black font are models I have painted.


The years are also shown… not many are done yet but I’m getting there:

Pre-Rogue Trader

C100 Imperial Space Marines

These guys were the first proper release of Space Marines, following the LE2 limited edition release. The eight of them were seen in the August 1986 Citadel Miniatures Mail Order Sheet. The November 1986 White Dwarf (#83) shows one in black and white and references Naismith’s “excellent hard line work” on the C100 range:

They have 1985 on the tab as the sculpt date.


Not 100% on the date JD10/JD11 was released but I’m leaving it here.


Bob Naismith’s LE2!

Rogue Trader

Where it all began! Or close to it, as there’s the C100 guys and LE2 who came out prior to Rogue Trader being a thing.

Of note – in the Dec 1987 White Dwarf (#96) it was stated that Citadel were selling over a million miniatures a month, prior to 40K taking off. Could explain why there are still so many of the RT miniatures floating around…

First Rogue Trader Releases


Bob Naismith’s credits as per this interview.


Bob Naismith’s credits as per this interview.

  • Piscean Warrior
  • Space Goblin
  • Pirate
  • Dark Elf Space Trooper
  • Space Orc with Blaster
  • Space Dwarf
  • Telepath

Rogue Trader Space Marines

RT01 Sept 1987
Astronomican Space Marines (Feb 1988)
RT3 Flyer Space Marines

Ward, West, Gorshin, Romero, Kitt, Hamilton, Repp, Blake, Craig, Newmar, Napier, Basehart, Harris, Reeves, Crabb, Dozier and Wounded Marine are credited to either Aly Morrison or Mark Copplestone; there’s no indicator who did which.

This wasn’t in the RT3 list but I’m putting it here for lack of anywhere else to put it.

Space Marine Armour Variants 18/30
Rogue Trader Techmarines and Servitors
Rogue Trader Rhino Marines

These guys were in the White Dwarf magazine in July 1988. Mark Copplestone sculpts.

Rogue Trader Space Marine Heavy Weapons
Rogue Trader Death Eagle Space Marines
Mark Copplestone’s Lieutenants and Captain

Mark Copplestone sculpts.

Rogue Trader Marines with Terminator Honours
Rogue Trader Space Marine Medics RT701


These guys were shown in the June 1988 White Dwarf magazine, and not all are Space Marines – but I have only included Space Marine medics here. The numbers are from the Jun 1988 flyer.

Rogue Trader Chaplains

Design credit for the Chaplains goes to Mark Copplestone. They were shown in 1988.

Rogue Trader Captains
Rogue Trader Terminators

RTB09 Terminator Squad was designed by Jes Goodwin. This consisted of 2 of Marine 1, 2 of Marine 2, 2 of Marine 3, a Librarian and a Captain.

Rogue Trader Librarians
Space Marine Strike Force

These guys were supposedly equipped with Mk 7 power armour, known as Armorum Impetor or Eagle Armour.

Rogue Trader Space Marine Vehicles – Dreadnoughts, Bikes, Jet Bikes, Tanks
Limited Edition – Captain and Riding Lizard
Unreleased Space Marines
Rogue Trader Space Marine Decals
RTB3 Devastator Box Set

This had a Space Marine Land Speeder, a Squat Mole Mortar and an Imperial Army Tarantula in it.

Rogue Trader Space Marine Scouts

As shown in White Dwarf 113:

  • Bolter and Horned Shoulder Pad 070295/5
  • Shuriken Catapult and Bionic Eye 070295/4
  • Bolt Pistol and Combat Knife 1 070295/10
  • Las Gun and Punch Dagger 070295/6
  • Bolter 1 070295/11
  • Bolt Pistol and Combat Knife 2 070295/12
  • Bolt Pistols 070295/9
  • Bolter 2 070295/8
  • Bolt Pistol and Combat Knife 3 070295/1
  • Bolt Pistol and Combat Knife 4 070295/3
  • Bolt Pistol and Combat Knife 5
  • Bolt Pistol 070295/13
  • Uncatalogued Scout

Rogue Trader Imperial Guard


4010/4013 – Mark Copplestone sculpts

Platform Weapons
Imperial Guard Beastmen

Sculpted by Jes Goodwin.

RTO5 and RT501 Imperial Army

RT05 – Designed by Aly Morrison, Michael Perry and Alan Perry.

  • B-Tpr Gaxt (Autogun)
  • Medic Pointer (Lasgun)
  • Tpr Rothbury (Lasgun)
  • Tpr Kelly (Plasma Gun)
  • Tpr Trewevas (Lasgun)
  • Tpr Jones with Ork Head (Lasgun)
  • Tpr Caidan (Lasgun)
  • Captain Webb (Lasgun)
  • Tpr Mosley (Lasgun)
  • Tpr Dick (Lasgun)

RT05 – This section seems to be just attributed to Aly Morrison.

  • Sgt. Hicks (Laspistol)
  • Casualty
  • Trooper Cottrell (Heavy Bolter)
  • Sgt. Howard (Chainsword)
  • Point Trooper Hulme (Lasgun)
  • Captain Henzell (Laspistol)
  • Captain Armstrong (Lasbolt Pistols)
  • Female Trooper Vaskez (Lasgun)
  • Trooper Morris (Bolt Gun)
  • Trooper Jones with Ork Head (Lasgun)
  • Trooper Brough (Lasgun)
  • Assault Trooper Moss (Lasgun)
  • Trooper Harrison (Autogun)
  • Comm. Officer Schmidt
  • Trooper Black (Lasgun)
  • Lieutenant Olsen (Chainsword)
  • Fwd. Observer Smith (Lasgun)
  • Tropper Chow (Lasgun)
  • Reconaisance (sic) Trooper Kai (Lasgun)
  • Scout Trooper Pank (Lasgun)
  • Sniper Lang (Lasgun)

RT501 – credited to Aly Morrison, Michael Perry and Alan Perry.

RT2 Flyer’s RT501 Army list:

072019 Imperial Guard

One of the 1989 Trade catalogues has some other listings under 072019:

  • Guardsman with Knife 072019/2
  • Medic? ?? unreadable 072019/2
  • Female guardsman with lasgun 072019/2
  • Guardsman with lasgun 072019/2
  • Female guardsman with lasgun 072019/2

  • Wounded Guardsman with Lasgun 072019/5
  • Guardsman with Bolter 072019/5
  • Guardsman with Ork Head 072019/5
  • Guardsman with Bolt Pistol 072019/5
  • Guardsman with Lasgun 072019/5

  • Guardsman with Bolter 072019/6
  • Guardsman with Bolter
  • Female Guardsman with Lasgun 072019/6
  • Guardsman with Bolter and Laspistol 072019/6
  • Guardsman with Heavy Bolter 072019/6
Rogue Trader Imperial Guard Vehicles

Rogue Trader Forces of the Imperium

Rogue Trader Adventurers, Pirates and Mercenaries

RT601 Adventurers

The Adventurers. Bob Naismith credits as per this interview.

  • Halfling Cook
  • Hive Worlder
  • Cyborg
  • Mad Punk
  • Space Amazon
  • Tech-Priest Zon
  • Pilot Rav
  • Female Warrior Jayne
  • Astropath Yerl
  • Official
  • Psyker
  • Squat Miner
  • Ventolin Pirate
  • Punk
  • Old Pirate
  • Imperial Scout
  • Scum
  • Ships Officer
  • Astropath Korm
  • Ex-Tech
  • Eldar Trader
  • Navigator
  • Space Pirate
  • Bandit
  • Pirate Capt.
  • Test Bed Slave
  • Hero
  • Imperial Assassin
  • Squat Engineer
  • Female Warrior Gabs
  • Tech-Priest Schlan
  • Pilot Lorgar
IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates and Jump Troopers

These are 1987 Bob Olley sculpts.

Iron Claw Jump troops:

RT7 Mercenaries

The RT7 Mercenaries below were designed by Bob Naismith along with Michael and Alan Perry. I don’t know who did which, though this interview does help with Bob Naismith’s contributions.

  • Plundering Pete
  • “Sarge” Rockhard
  • Hacker Harris
  • Inquisitor Augustus
  • Irn-Bonce The Squat
  • Catachan Luke
  • Space-Dout Sam
  • Worldburner
  • Kylla Condotti
  • Mad Morris
  • Old World Jack
  • Abbadon
  • Faststar John
  • Breakout Con
  • Shorty
  • No-Face Fargo

The C100 Chainsaw Warriors were done by Bob Naismith.


Rogue Trader Chaos Space Marines

Jes Goodwin’s Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Champions
Michael Perry Tzeentch and Nurgle Chaos Renegades



Michael Perry/Kev Adams Khorne, Slaanesh and generic Chaos Renegades


  • Bolter 1 080302/17
  • Bloodletter Head 1070302/2
  • Bolter 2 070302/10
  • Bloodletter Head 2 070302/5
  • Power Saw 070302/3
  • Jugger Head 070302/4
  • Skull Head 070302/18
  • Plasma Hand 070302/16
  • Bolter 3 070302/9


  • Daemonette Head 1 070315/4
  • Chainsword 070315/12
  • Bolter 4 070315/13
  • Daemonette Head 2 070315/5
  • Bolter 5 070315/3
  • Power Axe Arm 1 070315/15
  • Fiend Head 070315/8
  • Bolter 6 070315/17
  • Bolter 7 070315/18


Michael Perry’s Chaos Renegades with Heavy Weapons
  • Slaanesh Renegade 070327/1
  • Khorne Renegade with the Face of a Bloodletter 070327/5
  • Nurgle Renegade with Horns
  • Tzeentch Renegade with a Fungus Body 070327/7
  • Renegade 1 070327/8
  • Renegade 2 070327/12
  • Renegade 3 070327/11
  • Renegade 4 070327/4
  • Renegade 5 070327/10
  • Renegade 6 070327/2
  • Renegade 7
  • Renegade 8
  • Heavy Boltter 070327/13
  • Heavy Plasma Gun 070327/17
  • Multi Melta 070327/15
  • Conversion Beamer 070327/16
  • Missile Launcher 070327/14
  • Grenade Launcher 070327/18
  • Las Cannon 070327/19
Chaos Renegade Riders
Rogue Trader Traitor Chaos Terminators

Rogue Trader Squats and Chaos Squats

RT9 Squat Heavy Weapons

These guys were credited to Michael and Alan Perry. Presumable Captain Kirk, Sergeant Bilko… and who else?

Chaos Squats 4205

Sculpted by Michael Perry

Rogue Trader Eldar

RTB6 Harlequins
Blister pack Harlequins
Space Elf Command Group

Jes Goodwin sculpts.

  • Lassitae Starflare
  • Cdr. Yaevin Pureheart
  • Fierme Direstorm
  • Cdr. Lessei Moondancer
  • Cdr. Avele Swifteye
  • Nael Fleetfoot
  • Velasinn Doomdrifter
  • Menhe Worldsong
  • Taal Spellsinger
  • Elres Fireflash
  • Kaele Lightprow
  • Kelos Longfinger
Space Elves

Jes Goodwin sculpts.

Rogue Trader Eldar Avatar

This is the 1990 Avatar sculpt!

Rogue Trader Tyranids

TSF18 Space Zoats

Sculpted by Nick Bibby.

Hunter Slayers

These two were Michael Perry sculpts.


This was a 1991/1992 sculpt by Jes Goodwin.


Rogue Trader Orks

RT202 Orks
4406 Orks


OK, so they aren’t from 40K but they’re of that era and I’m using them in 40K, so they’re going here.


None of these yet, but the accordions need at least two entries so here it is… check out the Timescape accordion box.

Talisman Timescape

2nd. Edition 40K

White Dwarf 166 (October 1993) announced the release of the 2nd. Edition of Warhammer 40K. The previous issue stated that the game was over two years in the making. Will Power, Cool and Intelligence were dropped as stats and break tests were based on Leadership, in-line with Warhammer. Reserve move was taken out and replaced with a run move, again the same as Warhammer. As per the running changes made to Rogue Trader, Space Marines moved from T3 to T4, had their save boosted to 3+, were now able to shrug off their first Break test failure and could Rapid Fire!

The in-box Space Marines were designed by Jes Goodwin and the Gretchin/Orks by Kev Adams (per WD163).

2nd. Ed. 40K Space Marines

Sergeants and Veteran Sergeants
Apothecaries and Chaplains

Sculpted by Jes Goodwin.

Techmarines and Servitors
Standard Bearers

Designed by Jes Goodwin.


Designed by Jes Goodwin.

As per the lore the rankings go Acolytum, Lexicanum, Codicier then Epistolary. Oh, and then Chief Librarian.

Scouts 16/16
Space Marines with Special Weapons 3/3

The 1993 catalogue showing these guys states that the miniatures on that page were designed by Jes Goodwin and Normal Swales. Not sure whether it was a joint effort or whether they each designed separate items on the page

Jump Pack/Assault Marines 6/6

These guys were announced in White Dwarf 168 (December 1993), and were designed by Jes Goodwin, and were released as an Ultramarines Assault Squad boxed set.

Captains and Commanders

In White Dwarf 167 (November 1993) the box set of these guys is described as being designed by Jes Goodwin and Norman Swales.

2nd. Ed. Terminators
Tactial Marines

Designed by Jes Goodwin. Many of these were 1992 or earlier so technically RT but I think they’re more reminiscent of the aesthetic of 2nd. Ed. than RT so I put them here. The pre-MKVI suits are above.

Monopose 2nd. Ed. Space Marines

So he’s not metal but he’s a classic regardless.

2nd. Ed. Imperial Guard

Mordian Iron Guard

Other Guard

2nd. Ed. Sisters of Battle

Sisters of Battle

  • Battle Sister Shrine 010802501 and 010802502
  • Heavy Bolter Sister Body 9947010800602
  • Heavy Flamer Sister Body 9947010800701
  • Multi Melta Sister Body 9947010801601
Other Sisters


2nd. Ed. Assassins

2nd. Ed. 40K Eldar

Warp Spiders

Designed by Jes Goodwin. 1993 sculpts.


Designed by Jes Goodwin.

Swooping Hawks

Designed by Jes Goodwin.

  • Swooping Hawk 1
  • Swooping Hawk 2
  • Swooping Hawk 3
  • Swooping Hawk 4
  • Swooping Hawk Exarch with Lasblaster
Howling Banshees

Designed by Jes Goodwin.

  • Howling Banshee 1
  • Howling Banshee 2
  • Howling Banshee 3
  • Howling Banshee 4
  • Howling Banshee Exarch with Power Axe
Dire Avengers

Designed by Jes Goodwin.

  • Dire Avenger 1
  • Dire Avenger 2
  • Dire Avenger 3
  • Dire Avenger 4
Dark Reapers

Designed by Jes Goodwin.

  • Dark Reaper 1
  • Dark Reaper 2
  • Dark Reaper 3
Fire Dragons

Designed by Jes Goodwin.

  • Fire Dragon 1
  • Fire Dragon 2
  • Fire Dragon 3
  • Fire Dragon 4
Striking Scorpions

Designed by Jes Goodwin.

  • Fire Dragon 1
  • Fire Dragon 2
  • Fire Dragon 3
  • Fire Dragon 4
Phoenix Lords and Avatar

Designed by Jes Goodwin.

  • Maugan Ra
  • Jain Zar
  • Baharroth
  • Karandras
  • Asurmen
  • Fuegan
  • Avatar
Farseers and Warlocks

Deisgned by Jes Goodwin.

  • Eldrad Ulthran
  • Farseer

  • Warlock and Force Rod 1
  • Warlock and Force Rod 2
  • Warlock and Singing Spear
  • Warlock and Witch Blade
  • Warlock and Witch Blade 2
  • Warlock and Witch Blade 3
2nd. Edition Eldar Vehicles

2nd. Edition Tyranids

Larger critters

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3rd. Edition 40K and later

3rd. Ed. and beyond 40K Space Marines

Legion of the Damned
Marneus Calgar with Honour Guard box
Vanguard Veterans
Veterans MkI

Found in the 2008 catalogue with the first part number and the 2005 with the latter. The box part number was 99110101300.

Veterans MkII

Found in the 2008 catalogue. This is the 99110101332 box.

Tyrannic War Veterans
Assault Weapon Marines

These guys were designed by Jes Goodwin.

Dreadnoughts, Tanks and Bikes
Sternguard Veterans and Misc. Veterans
Limited Editions
3rd Ed. and beyond metal shoulder pads

Shoulder pads go here!

3rd. Ed. and beyond metal heads

Various heads.

3rd Ed. and beyond Space Marine Casualties

These guys took some finding.

3rd Ed. and beyond backpacks

3rd Ed. and beyond Sisters of Battle

3rd Ed. and beyond Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines


3rd. Ed. and beyond Eldar

3rd. Ed. and beyond miscellany

Nothing yet…

Needed a second entry for the accordion to work.

Space Hulk

Space Hulk Terminators
Accordion title 2

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Space Crusade


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Plastics, sure, but classic!

Non-GW Sculpts

Satyr Studios

Other Non-GW Sculpts

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