List of metal Space Marine models – nostalgia force!

Here’s a list of the Rogue Trader/40K metal miniatures I have and am still looking for. This page is a work in progress but I’m going to try to keep it updated so I don’t double up.


Rogue Trader Era

Where it all began! Or close to it, as there’s the C100 guys and LE2 who came out prior to Rogue Trader being a thing.

Of note – in the Dec 1987 White Dwarf (#96) it was stated that Citadel were selling over a million miniatures a month, prior to 40K taking off. Could explain why there are still so many of the RT miniatures floating around…


Limited Editions – LE2 Imperial Marine and Riding Lizard – 100%
Rogue Trader Chaplains 3/8

Design credit for the Chaplains goes to Mark Copplestone. They were shown in 1988.

Rogue Trader Medics RT701 – 100%

These guys were shown in the June 1988 White Dwarf magazine, and not all are Space Marines – but I have only included Space Marine medics here. The numbers are from the Jun 1988 flyer.

Rogue Trader Dreadnoughts – 100%
Space Marine Strike Force RTB15 1/3

These guys were supposedly equipped with Mk 7 power armour, known as Armorum Impetor or Eagle Armour.

Space Marines – C100 (Aug 1986) 8/8

These guys were the first proper release of Space Marines, following the LE2 limited edition release. The eight of them were seen in the August 1986 Citadel Miniatures Mail Order Sheet. The November 1986 White Dwarf (#83) shows one in black and white and references Naismith’s “excellent hard line work” on the C100 range:

Space Marines – Astronomican (Feb 1988)
  • Brother Stalker (Bolter)
  • Marine Medic Kyle (Laspistol)
  • Captain Reece (Powersword)
  • Brother Sheer (Bolter)
  • Capt. Huron Grimm (Chainsword)
  • Brother Angst (Multi-Melta)
  • Ex Brother Marine (Casualty)
  • Brother Dixon (Bolter)
  • 1987 Brother Lestrade (Bolter) – Found and painted!
  • Brother Anderton (Hvy Bolter) aka Brother Longun – Found!
  • Brother Lustgarten (Bolter)
  • Communications Officer Kendall
  • Brother Taylor (Bolter)
  • Brother Thaw (Chainsword) aka Chainsword 1 070119/22 – Found!
Space Marines – RT3

Design credit to these guys went to Mark Copplestone, Aly Morrison, Michael and Alan Perry.

RT107 Rhino Marines 2/7

These guys were in the White Dwarf magazine in July 1988. Mark Copplestone sculpts.

Rogue Trader Servitors – 100%
Rogue Trader Adeptus Mechanicus 1/7
Space Marine Armour Variants 11/30

Jes Goodwin’s Armour Variants with extras from the Citadel Design Team:

Imperial Land Raider RTB5 or RTB11


Rogue Trader Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons

2nd. Ed. 40K

White Dwarf 166 (October 1993) announced the release. ofthe 2nd. Edition of Warhammer 40K. The previous issue stated that the game was over two years in the making. Will Power, Cool and Intelligence were dropped as stats and break tests were based on Leadership, in-line with Warhammer. Reserve move was taken out and replaced with a run move, again the same as Warhammer. Notably, Space Marines moved from T3 to T4, had their save boosted to 3+, were now able to shrug off their first Break test failure and could Rapid Fire!

The in-box Space Marines were designed by Jes Goodwin and the Gretchin/Orks by Kev Adams (per WD163).

Mark 6 and 7 Tactical Marines and Sergeants 8/13

Designed by Jes Goodwin. Many of these were 1992 or earlier so technically RT but I think they’re more reminiscent of the aesthetic of 2nd. Ed. than RT so I put them here. The pre-MKVI suits are above.

2nd. Ed. Terminators
2nd. Ed. Devastators – 100%
2nd. Ed. Jump Pack/Assault Marines 100%

These guys were announced in White Dwarf 168 (December 1993), and were designed by Jes Goodwin, and were released as an Ultramarines Assault Squad boxed set.

2nd. Ed. Marines with Special Weapons – 100%

The 1993 catalogue showing these guys states that the miniatures on that page were designed by Jes Goodwin and Normal Swales. Not sure whether it was a joint effort or whether they each designed separate items on the page.

Sergeants and Veteran Sergeants
2nd. Ed. Librarians 6/8

Designed by Jes Goodwin. As per the lore the rankings go Acolytum, Lexicanum, Codicier then Epistolary. Oh, and then Chief Librarian.

2nd. Ed. Chaplains – 3/6

Later Editions

Legion of the Damned
Marneus Calgar with Honor Guard Box – 100%
Space Marine Veterans MkII – 2/5

Found in the 2008 catalogue. This is the 99110101332 box.

Assault Weapon Bodies 2/3

These guys were designed by Jes Goodwin.

Venerable Dreadnoughts – 100%