Rogue Trader Adeptus Mechanicus Miniature 401102

This Adeptus Mechanicus miniature was designed by Bob Olley and is a 1988 sculpt for Rogue Trader.

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Red: Scale75 Artist Red Ochre, then Burgundy Wine Red, shaded with BWR+ Burnt Sienna Umber, highlighted with Primary Red, further highlight of Primary Red + Primary Yellow. Further shade of BWR + Burnt Sienna Umber + Violet.
  • Silver: Black Metal, washed with Nuln Oil Gloss
  • Skin: Burnt Sienna, then that mixed with Off White, then Pink Flesh, then Pink Flesh mixed with Purple for the recesses, then Pale Skin to highlight. Recess wash of Berserker Bloodshade.
  • Eyes: Pro Acryl Titanium White, iris Golden Yellow, pupil Art Black
  • Axe: Light Ultramarine, then that + Art White, then a change of direction and covered it in Celestium Blue. Didn’t like that at all, so went with a basic copper recipe of Decayed Metal, then Old Copper, then Pure Copper, then Moonstone Alchemy, shaded with Dark Violet, then washed with Targor Rageshade
  • Black/greys – Art Black and Pro Acryl Titanium White
  • Base rim: Black Grey
  • Pigments for base: Reddish Brown, then Natural Soil, then Sand, then Gypsum

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