Metal Space Marine Scout with Boltgun 1 010111301

Found one of the boltgun guys. Pics:

Designed in 1997 by Jes Goodwin. More pics to come once painted!

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Base coat: Scale75 Artist Cobalt, shaded with Prussian Blue, highlighted with Primary Blue

Black: Scale75 Art Black, highlighted with a mix of Pastel Blue and Black

White: Scale75 Art White, shaded with a mix of Pastel Blue and Art White, highlighted with Art White. Didn’t like how close that was to the blue, so re-did with Off White, then Buff, then shaded with a mixture of Buff and Burnt Sienna Umber.

Red: Scale75 Red Ochre, brought up to Crimson, then a highlight of Primary Red, then a highlight of Orange. Shaded with Dark Violet.

Skin: Scale75 Art White, then Light Skin, a light coat of Light Skin/Crimson around the eyes and mouth, then some Pink Skin, highlighted again with Light Skin, shaded with watered down Burnt Skin, eyes a mixture of Violet Grey and White, pupil Art Black, iris a mixture of Prussian Blue and Primary Blue

Shells: Decayed Metal

Gold: Necro Gold, shaded with Chestnut ink, highlighted with Elven Gold and then Citrine Alchemy

Hair: Burnt Sienna Umber followed by Raw Sienna, highlighted with Yellow Ochre

Silver: Scale75 Black Metal, shaded with a mix of Prussian Blue and Green Grey

Pigment: Scale75 Soilworks Reddish Brown

Work in progress:

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