Metal Space Marine Scout with Sniper Rifle 2 010109002

This guy has been partially stripped – pics:

Another Jes Goodwin sculpt.

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue: Scale75 Art Cobalt Blue, shaded with a mix of that and Kimera’s Orange, highlight of Cobalt mixed with The White
  • Red: Kimera Red Oxide. Highlight of Kimera Honey Moon Yellow on the base. Cloak got a sponge of HMY + Red Oxide, Red Oxide + Phthalo Green then a wash of Mortarion Grime
  • Pants: Kimera Honey Moon Yellow + The White
  • Skin Kimera Honey Moon Yellow + The White
  • Base Rim: Vallejo Black Grey
  • Red tubes: Kimera The White then Kimera The Red, highlight of Kimera Cold Yellow then a mix of that and The White
  • Green tubes: Kimera Phthalo Green, highlight of Cold Yellow, further highlight of The White
  • Hair: White, then Army Painter Maize Yellow, then a wash of Bony Matter. Then a highlight of Kimera Warm Yellow, then a further highlight of a mix of Warm Yellow and The White.
  • Skin: The White then a wash of Army Painter Peachy Flesh
  • Silver: Scale75 Black Metal, washed with Army Painter Burnt Moss, then a drybrush of Thrash Metal, then Speed Metal, with a highlight of Cobalt Alchemy and then a further highlight of Cobalt + White Alchemy. Recess wash of Contrast – Black Legion.
  • Ammo: Scale75 Viking Gold, then washed with Contrast – Ratling Grime, then a highlight of Citrine Alchemy. Didn’t like that as much, so went over with Victorian Brass and Moonstone Alchemy.

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