Metal Rogue Trader Warhammer 40K Space Marine Techmarine with Adjustable Wrench

This guy shows up as part number 410502 in the early flyers and 070133/71 in the later catalogues. He’s a 1988 sculpt.

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Red: Pro Acryl Burnt Red followed by Bold Pyrrole Red, washed with Targor Rageshade, highlighted with Bold Pyrrole Red mixed with Pro Acryl Golden Yellow

Bone: Pro Acryl Ivory, washed with Targor Rageshade, highlighted with Ivory

Base: Pigments of Soilworks Natural Soil and Sand, a Vallejo tuft and some Woodland Scenics rocks

Green: Sap Green, Spring Green, highlighted with Golden Yellow and shaded with Art Black

Silver: Black Metal, Nuln wash, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, White Alchemy

Rim: Vallejo Black Grey

Yellow: Golden Yellow, highlighted with a mix of Titanium White and Golden Yellow, shaded with a mix of Bold Pyrrole Red/Art Black and Golden Yellow

The decals had both reds sponged over them to make them blend in a bit more.