Metal Space Marine Scout with Shotgun 2 010117804

This Space Marine Scout with Shotgun 2 is part number 010117804.

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Blue: Scale75 Artist Cobalt Blue, shaded with Prussian Blue, highlighted with Primary Blue

White pants: Scale75 Artist White, followed by Buff, highlighted in a light cross-hatch pattern as much as possible with Art White

Skin: Scale75 Artist White, followed by Pink Flesh. Shaded with Burnt Skin and then Burnt Umber. Highlighted with Off White mixed with Burnt Skin. Edges Burnt Sienna Umber. Went back over with Pink Flesh.

Red: Scale75 Artist White, followed by Red Ochre, followed by Primary Red. Shaded with Dark Violet, highlighted with Orange. Further highlights of Orange mixed with Intense Yellow, then more just Intense Yellow.

Black: Scale75 Art Black, highlighted with Violet Grey

Yellow: Scale75 Art White followed by Light Skin, followed by Intense Yellow, followed by a blend of Golden Flesh and Primary Yellow, followed by Primary Yellow.

Shells: Old Copper, washed with Chestnut Ink, highlighted with Victorian Brass, highlighted with Moonstone Alchemy

Gold: Necro Gold, followed by Chestnut Ink, highlighted with Elven Gold, highlighted with Citrine Alchemy

Silver: Black Metal, highlighted with Speed Metal

Hair: Scale75 Green Grey, highlighted with Pastel Green/Green Grey mixed, highlighted further with White/Pastel Green mixed

Green cable: Spring Green highlighted with Art White/Spring Green

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