Metal Rogue Trader Space Marine Brother Potter

This guy was Brother Potter in the early catalogues, later shown as Bionic Eyes and Bolter 070106/4. He’s a 1987 sculpt.

Paints used:

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Blue: Scale75 Artist Cobalt shaded with Prussian Blue, highlighted with Primary Blue and then a mix of Primary Blue and Art White

Skin: Light Skin mixed with Artic Blue, highlighted with Golden Flesh and Art White, shaded a little with diluted Dark Brown Ochre.

Red: Light Skin followed by Primary Red, highlighted with a mix of Primary Red and Orange. Washed with Nuln

Silver: Black Metal, with Nuln oil wash, then Heavy Metal, Speed Metal and White Alchemy

Varnish: Vallejo Mecha Matt Varnish

Black: Art Black, highlighted with Artic Blue

Green: Sap Green, highlighted with a mix of Sap Green and Primary Yellow

Leather: Burnt Sienna then Burnt Skin, highlighted by a mix of Burnt Sienna and Orange

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