Vintage Metal Space Marine in Crusade Suit Mark II 070270 8

This guy is one of the Armour Variants sculpts by Jes Goodwin. He’s a 1990 sculpt.

As far as I’m aware this would be the first Mark II armour sculpt (some 32 years old at the time of writing).

Work in progress:

Paints used:

Blue: Scale75 Artist Cobalt, built up to Primary Blue, down to Prussian Blue, highlighted with Primary Blue/Art White mix.

Gold: Necro Gold, Viking Gold, Elven Gold, Citrine Alchemy then White Alchemy. Shaded with Chestnut Ink.

Black: Art Black, highlighted with Artic Blue, shaded with Nuln oil.

Leather: Burnt Skin, shaded with Garaghak’s Sewer, highlighted with Burnt Skin mixed with a little Primary Yellow.

Silver: Black Metal, shaded with Nuln Oil, highlighted with Speed Metal

Red: Primary Red highlighted with a mix of Primary Red and Orange.

Green: Sap Green highlighted with Spring Green and Primary Yellow. Small light dot in Art White.

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