Warhammer 30K and 40K Plastic Spartan tank kit – painted Ultramarines colours

Found a Rhino crewmember for the hatch!

Work in progress:

Colours used on the tank:

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue: Scale75 Cobalt, blended up to Primary Blue, shaded with Inktense Blue. Edge highlight of Primary Blue mixed with Art White. Recess shade of Prussian Blue.
  • Silver: Black Metal, shaded with Nuln oil. Highlight of Heavy Metal, followed by Speed Metal.
  • Lenses: Primary Red
  • Lamp: Golden Flesh followed by Primary Yellow
  • Copper: Scale75 Decayed Metal, followed by Old Copper, followed by Victorian Brass, highlighted with Amber Alchemy, then Moonstone Alchemy, then Speed Metal. Corrosion via Moss Green Soilworks pigment and Nihilakh Oxide. Recess shading with Art Black. Burnt tops via Soilworks Ash.
  • Crew: Gun is Pink Flesh, followed by Primary Red. Flesh is Pink Flesh, followed by Golden Flesh, with some Light Skin and Burnt Skin blended in. Hair is Raw Umber highlighted with Buff.
  • Guns: Metal Color Burnt Iron brushed on, drybrush of Thrash Metal, drybrush of White Alchemy, wash of 1:2 Agrax/Nuln.
  • Sponsons: Cabling Decayed Metal, drybrush of Old Copper, drybrush of Moonstone Alchemy, wash of Agrax Gloss. Lenses Red Ecstasy SFX-07.


  • Rocks: Noch Profi Rocks rubble coarse 6-16mm N09232
  • Rocks: Noch Boulders, N09214
  • Rocks: Woodland Scenics Coarse Ballast
  • Vallejo Earth Texture: Desert Sand
  • Citadel Technical: Agrellan Earth and Agrellan Badland for the riverbed section
  • Undercoated Vallejo Mecha Black
  • All-over coat of Tuskgor Fur
  • Pigment: Reddish Brown for the center, Natural Soil over most of the rest. Dark Earth for riverbed.
  • Rim: Vallejo Black Grey
  • Word Bearer: Word Bearers Red and Leadbelcher. Highlight of Heavy Metal and Speed Metal, red highlighted with a mixture of Red Ochre and Pink Flesh.
  • Rocks: Celestra Grey, washed with Agrax, drybrushed with Celestra Grey, then a little bit of Natural Soil

The blue was airbrushed onto the tank and the area around the white was masked off and the white sections airbrushed in after.

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