Vintage Rogue Trader Space Marine with Terminator Honours – Power Glove and Bolter

This guy appears in the Winter 1990 and the 1991 catalogues along with two other Marines with Terminator Honours (both just with a bolter). Part number 070145/4.

The tab says Terminator on the front. Not sure if the back has been filed down or what happened there but both copies of this mini I have found have a blank back.

First attempt at painting:

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue: Scale75 Artist Light Ultramarine built up to Cobalt Blue, then Primary Blue
  • Red: Scale75 Artist Crimson then Primary Red highlighted by a mix of Primary Red and Orange
  • Silver: Scale75 Black Metal, washed with Instant Shadow Black, followed by Heavy Metal and highlighted with Speed Metal
  • Gold: Necro Gold, washed with Guilliman Flesh, then Elven Gold, then Peridot Alchemy mixed with Citrine Alchemy, highlighted with Citrine Alchemy
  • White hair: Scale75 Artist White, washed with Instant Golem Grey, highlight White
  • Eyes: Scale75 Artist White, iris attempt Primary Blue, pupil Black
  • Flesh: Scale75 Light Skin, wash Guilliman Flesh, highlight Light Skin
  • Leather: Burnt Sienna Umber highlighted with a mix of that and Pale Flesh
  • Varnish: Vallejo Mecha Gloss under Matt

I still haven’t quite put on enough matte varnish to overcome the gloss as I really wasn’t a fan of the gloss look on the Marine armour. This particular miniature also had a lot of areas of poor casting – the detail on the back of the power glove is pretty vague and there seems to be some chunky flash still attached to his left shoulderpad. Possibly recast, possibly just a dodgy cast… hard to say!

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