Vintage Rogue Trader Space Marine with Terminator Honours – Power Glove and Bolter 070145 4

This guy appears in the Winter 1990 and the 1991 catalogues along with two other Marines with Terminator Honours (both just with a bolter).

Pretty sure that says Terminator on the front. Not sure if the back has been filed down or what happened there. There’s some weirdness going on with the Crux on his left shoulderpad, too, which makes me wonder if it’s a recast or a bad casting in the first place.

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Blue: Scale75 Artist Light Ultramarine built up to Cobalt Blue, then Primary Blue

Red: Scale75 Artist Crimson then Primary Red highlighted by a mix of Primary Red and Orange

Silver: Scale75 Black Metal, washed with Instant Shadow Black, followed by Heavy Metal and highlighted with Speed Metal

Gold: Necro Gold, washed with Guilliman Flesh, then Elven Gold, then Peridot Alchemy mixed with Citrine Alchemy, highlighted with Citrine Alchemy

White hair: Scale75 Artist White, washed with Instant Golem Grey, highlight White

Eyes: Scale75 Artist White, iris attempt Primary Blue, pupil Black

Flesh: Scale75 Light Skin, wash Guilliman Flesh, highlight Light Skin

Leather: Burnt Sienna Umber highlighted with a mix of that and Pale Flesh

Varnish: Vallejo Mecha Gloss under Matt

I still haven’t quite put on enough matte varnish to overcome the gloss as I really wasn’t a fan of the gloss look on the Marine armour. This particular miniature also had a lot of areas of poor casting – the detail on the back of the power glove is pretty vague and there seems to be some chunky flash still attached to his left shoulderpad. Possibly recast, possibly just a dodgy cast… hard to say!

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