Painting an Ultramarine Space Marine with Flamer 0819/4

This Space Marine with Flamer was part number 0819/4 and the catalogues from that time state that the minis on the page shown were designed by Jes Goodwin and Normal Swales – which did which mini I don’t know.

The paint scheme here was obviously inspired by – but not totally faithful to – the 2nd. Edition Ultramarines brightness.

This was my first outing with the Scale75 Artist paints for a Space Marine and they were not thinned quite enough!

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Base coat: Scale75 Artist Light Ultramarine blended to Cobalt Blue, highlight Primary Blue

Bone: Art White followed by Off White

Yellow: Light Skin followed by Intense Yellow. Wash of Instant Full Healing. Highlight of Primary Yellow.

Red: Light Skin followed by Primary Red

Silver: Black Metal followed by Heavy Metal, highlight Speed Metal, wash Instant Shadow Black

Kneecap: Light Skin followed by Art White, shade of Instant Paralyze Blue

Eagle: Necro Gold, wash of Instant Arcane Purple, highlight Dwarven Gold, highlight Citrine Alchemy

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