Ultramarines Paint Scheme using Scale 75 Artist paints

This took me about an hour as a colour test for painting Ultramarines using the Scale 75 Artist paints. I really like the vibrancy you can get out of the colours and while it’s far from my neatest paint job I really like the overall effect.

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Base coat: Scale75 Art Black

Wet blend blues: Scale75 Light Ultramarine / Cobalt Blue

Highlight: Primary Blue

Eyes: Art White followed by Crimson, then Citadel Contrast Blood Angels Red, then shade with Instant Arcane Purple

Gold: Necro Gold / Instant Arcane Purple / highlight Dwarven Gold / ultimate highlight Citrine Alchemy

Silver: Black metal, blended to heavy metal, highlight Speed Metal, shadows Instant Shadow Black

Rubber: Art Black, highlight Black Metal

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