Metal Rogue Trader Armour Variant Corvus 1

This guy is one of the Armour Variants range and goes by Corvus 1, part number 070270/6.

Paints used:

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue: Scale75 Art Cobalt Blue, highlighted with a mix of that and Pro Acryl Titanium White, shaded with Prussian Blue, further shading with Art Black
  • Red: Primary Red, highlighted with Primary Yellow over a little bit of white. Shaded with Burnt Sienna and Art Black
  • Lenses: Titanium White, then Spring Green, shaded with Art Black, highlighted with Primary Yellow then Titanium White
  • Gold: Titanium White, then Intense Yellow, recess wash with Burnt Sienna. Primary Yellow near the highlights. A little bit of Permanent Orange.
  • Silver: Titanium White, Art Black and Cobalt Blue.
  • Base: 28.5mm slotta, PVA on the outskirts with Noch grey ballast on top, Martian Ironearth through the middle. Undercoated with Vallejo Mecha Black, then Scale75 Red Ochre. Pigments of Reddish Brown, then Natural Soil, then Sand and Gypsum on the rock. Tuft is a Wild… something, I forget

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